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Conservative DentistryThat You Need

Welcome to Brownstown Family Dentistry

Brownstown Family Dentistry is different because we choose to be small. Over the last decade dentistry has gotten bigger, which has led to less personalized care. We have one dentist, Dr. Jeffry Scott, who has been practicing for more than 30 years. When you visit us you will get the same quality, unhurried care every time, by people who truly care about you.

At Brownstown Family Dentistry, we take a conservative approach to dentistry, meaning we never over-sell treatment or recommend procedures that aren’t necessary. As our patient, you’ll be presented with several options and our recommendations, and given full control to choose what is right for you.

Our comprehensive dental services include:

We also provide an in-house dental plan that you can find more information about here

We invite you to contact our Brownstown dental office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott and our team. Experience the difference that personalized care can make in your dental health. Call today!

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American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry